Lily and King, are celebrating the release of their second album: ‘Bless This Life’, produced by ARIA award winning guitarist Matt Walker.

 Lily Sutton delivers a luring, sensual haze of smoky-opiate vocals and rapturously disrespectful brass (playing trombone, trumpet and tuba throughout), while Tony J. King slams a rhythmic driving junkyard of guitars and percussion.

 The twelve track album, which has a distinctly Australian flavour (“Bondi Junction Baby” and “Brett Whiteley’s Woman”), takes listeners to tangled spaces – from the all-in bluegrass orgy of the title track to mesmerising and delicate seaside waltzes, passionate wailing klezmer (with violinist Alex Burkoy-Tinpan Orange), and crunchy down-home blues.

 Walker’s inimitably understated and honest production style underpins ‘Bless This Life’, and captures all the energy and wild romance of the duo’s live performances. It is an absolute must listen.

 Lily and King are touring the country to showcase ‘Bless this Life’, which is available for purchase from the Lily and King website or from shows and festivals.



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