Praise for the EP...

"The EP is absolutely gorgeous. What a divine voice Lily has. So cool and quirky. Man in a Hood is way cool- a la Portishead. Love it." Diana Torossian, DTME Talent Management

 Wes Fahey, What Sound Melbourne. "Their combination of trombone, toy piano, acoustic guitar and plenty of percussion backing Lisa Baird’s beautiful, sultry vocals would make businessmen dance if they were playing in the street"

Queenscliff Music Festival  "When Lily and King unleashed a thunderous trombone in the regal surrounds of the Vue Grand, all of Saturday morning’s cobwebs were cheerfully annihilated. Lily’s dextrous multi-instrumentalism was a glorious highlight while the duo’s ragged New Orlean’s stomp was impossible to resist." (Graham Blackley, Beat Magazine)

 Cygnet Music Festival  "Lily and King are an act to watch. Sounding like the spawn of ABC’s Dirtgirl and an absinthe drinking gypsy, Lily and King share bits and pieces of a garage sale drum kit, while punishing a toy piano, trombone, nylon string guitar and djembe. Dance you dreadlocked children."   (Daniel Townsend, The Dwarf - Online Music Magazine)

 ‘Medication’, the debut album from Lily and King.“Lily takes centre stage with her coquettish vocals and jazzy bursts on trombone, with Tony King supplying strong string rhythm support on guitar, banjo, uke and double bass. There’s a suitably drug-addled, decadent, burlesque vibe to the title track and ‘Pink Nightmare No.9’, while ‘Henry’s Lament’ conjures shades of The Beatles’ ‘Mr. Kite’. ‘Quick Brown Foxes’ on the other hand hints at The Lovin Spoonful.  (Tony Hillier, Rhythms Magazine)

 Debut EP  "Lily and King would be the perfect candidates to experience on the Blues Train. This is a gently undulating collection of songs and it comes as no surprise to learn that Lily and Kings' eponymous EP sells well at their gigs. There's trombone, inventive percussion (an instrument that sounds like a rattlesnake interupts Reverie) and toy piano. Lily has a glorious voice free from affectation and King boasts 'his own unique and robust style of foot drumming' which is a definite drawcard."  (Bryget Chrisfield, Inpress Magazine, August 2011)

 "It was a pleasure for all involved to have Lily and King perform at our annual Spring Festival. Not only are they professional in the communication and their performance they radiate a warmth and beauty on stage and off that affected all who were lucky enough to catch their set."     (Ciel Fuller, Event Organiser, Whitehorse City Council)

 "Lily and King mesmerized onlookers with their captivating 40's nightclub trombone and the melodies nod to mourning, bittersweet blues. With merely a trombone, guitar and innocent and whispery voice, the crowd was mesmerized. This set was a slow sexy waltz that took us on a journey with sailors and mermaids through dreamlike lands……. Sigh."  Roarhouse

 "The main act that night was Lily & King, a gorgeous duo with lots of instruments between them including trombone, djembe and toy piano.  My favourite song was "Lock up your daughters" which includes a line about using arsenic in your cooking.  They have been described as "comfortably eccentric".  I found them fresh, original and captivating.  Track 6 on their EP - "Man in a Hood" is positively haunting with deliberate noise added to simulate a vinyl record on a turntable... great retro feel"   Jose Garcia, Selby Folk Club July 2011

Lily & King were a surprise hit of the 2011 Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival.  Audiences were captivated by their distinctive style and jazzy rhythms.  They proved their versatility by wowing a crowd of hard-core locals at the festival concert at the local bowling club.  They would be a sparkling addition to any festival program.
Stuart,  Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival



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